IDA hosts First FDI Persian Regional Congress & 34th ICOI World Congre

IDA hosts First FDI Persian Regional Congress & 34th ICOI World Congre

IDA hosts First FDI Persian Regional Congress & 34th ICOI World Congre

Based on an agreement signed by FDI President and President of Iranian Dental Association (IDA) on May 2015, the first FDI Persian Regional Congress will be held in Tehran on May 2016 in conjunction with 56th IDA annual congress (hereinafter is officially recognized as EXCIDA) and 34th ICOI World Congress.


EXCIDA 56 will be held in Iranian capital city, Tehran, on May 2016 at ICC of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tehran International Permanent Fairground in conjunction with the first FDI Persian Regional Congress and 34th ICOI World Congress.


The theme of this spectacular event is: “Nations Collaboration via Nations Gate.” The gate refers to Gate of All Nations in Persepolis(Persian ancient city which is registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and is the metaphor of an ambience in which all nations are welcomed due to promote active collaboration between Iranian dental professionals and their counterparts around the globe. The Gate of All Nations through which the international guests were received in ancient Iran has been chosen as the symbol of this congress. The Gate of all Nations represents Iranian rich culture and symbolizes integration and collaboration between Iranian dental community and their counterparts around the globe.


EXCIDA’s Scientific Committee in concert with FDI & ICOI Senior Advisors will bring together a stellar lineup of faculty and speakers who will present latest trends in dentistry. The Gate of all Nations will be opened in EXCIDA 56 making Tehran a gathering place of international renowned dental scientists.


Dr. Shima Naghavi,  Director of International Affairs of Iranian Medical council, IDA International Affairs Board Member and Member of  EXCIDA 56 International Affairs Committee mentioned why EXCIDA56 is a distinguished and not-to-be-missed dental event:” EXCIDA is the leading and largest continuing professional development event for dental professionals and the most established combined dental congress and exhibition in Iran held annually offering attendees the vast ranging selection of dental services and products through the fantastic array of prominent companies from dental industry.

EXCIDA welcomes 5000 registered attendees and more than 5000 exhibition visitors each year.

As it is an ideal place for perfecting clinical skills and enhancing the success of dental career, the number of attendees to this nationally recognized event has been steadily growing over the years.

EXCIDA 56 is a unique event in the Middle East and Central Asia as it brings together world class leaders in dental practice, research and industry to present highest possible standard in continuing education and features dental industry's premier event in the region.”



“IDA is the professional association for dentists in Iran which is involved in convening annual scientific congresses and delivering an extensive and diverse range of continuing education for Iranian dental professionals. EXCIDA 56 will bring together dental experts, world class lectures and dental professionals across the globe and will offer a comprehensive and intensive educational programs as well as thoroughgoing workshops for all dental professionals.” Dr. Ali Tajernia, Chair of EXCIDA56 remarked.


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Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of International Affairs.