German Embassy First Secretary and Head of Cultural Section in IRIMC

German Embassy First Secretary and Head of Cultural Section in IRIMC

German Embassy First Secretary and Head of Cultural Section in IRIMC

On Wednesday, 7 October 2015, Iranian Medical Council hosted Mr. Justus Kemper, the First Secretary and Head of the Cultural Section of the German Embassy.

IRIMC President, Dr. Alireza Zali, warmly greeted the First Secretary and Head of Cultural Section of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and felicitated Germany National Day (German Unity Day) to him, the Honorable German Ambassador and the German people.

Dr. Zali mentioned that Iranian Medical Council is an umbrella organization representing more than 230,000 Iranian healthcare professionals and over 160 scientific medical and dental associations.

“Nowadays, medicine has been impacted by rapid pace changing technology. Scientific findings have significantly revolutionized the realm of medical sciences and continuous innovations has greatly contributed to the birth of the modern medicine. Iranian healthcare professionals should make big strides to keep pace with the prevailing paradigm of evidence-based and modern care. Iranian Medical Council as the nation’s largest organization in the field of medicine is the main body to bridge the gap between certified international medical and dental associations and Iranian healthcare professionals in order to forge scientific cooperation agreements between Iranian medical & dental community and their counterparts around the globe regarding boosting interchange of scientific information and research as well as making a prolific ambiance in which medical and dental practitioners can be bridged to renowned academicians. That will result in optimized medical and dental practice and globally advanced public & oral health that is thoroughly in accordance with WHO & UN values.” IRIMC President remarked.

Dr. Zali outlined specific domains of cooperation between IRIMC and the Cultural Section of the German Embassy which are as follows:”

-Promoting educational & research cooperation between German and Iranian medical, dental and pharmaceutical students


-Putting forward joint research programs including cancer research projects


-Convening joint cultural & scientific seminars


-Paving the way of active cooperation between renowned Iranian healthcare professionals in Germany and their colleagues in Iran due to forge a science-based community of noted Iranian healthcare professionals which results in a flourishing scientific ambience with significant accomplishments in conducting research, analysing them and transferring them to medical & dental practitioners.



-Asking for German government assistance for facilitating purchasing high-technology medical and dental equipments produced in Germany


-Facilitating the formalities of issuing visa for IRIMC registered members who want to attend congresses and short courses held in Germany


-Active collaboration between IRIMC and Cultural Section of the German Embassy due to hold German language courses for IRIMC registered members who aim to apply for higher education in Germany.”



IRIMC President also introduced SIMURGH as the national symbol of wisdom and medicine and said:” SIMURGH is a benevolent, mythical flying creature in Iranian culture which was considered to possess the knowledge of the all ages, purify the land and waters and present fertility. SIMURGH roosted in the Tree of Life which contained the seeds of all plants. When she took flight, the seeds floated around the world & made the plants which were remedy and cure for all diseases. SIMURGH made her most famous appearance in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh in which she instructed a surgical procedure to deliver a baby including the use of surgical knife, anaesthesiology, and surgical operation. The baby became the greatest Persian hero who served the nation. SIMURGH gave some important & valuable pieces of advice to the hero and helped him to achieve an important triumph against his chief rivals. In other words, SIMURGH is the national cultural symbol of medicine which indicates that Iranian have been pioneered in this domain.”



Mr. Justus Kemper was very pleased to meet with IRIMC president and highly appreciated warm welcome of IRIMC official bodies. The First Secretary and Head of Cultural Section of the German Embassy in Tehran strongly welcomed the new approach of Iranian Medical Council and expressed his willingness to facilitate academic & professional relations between two countries.



Dr. Naghavi, IRIMC Director of International Affairs and Head of IRIMC Department of International Education and Research highly welcomed Mr. Kemper and mentioned about the relations between IRIMC and German Medical Association.

“Based on the first high-level meeting between IRIMC Senior Delegation and the Honourable Ambassador of Germany and regarding the consistent efforts of IRIMC Department of International Affairs, good ties have been made between IRIMC and the German Embassy as well as certified German medical and dental associations.” Dr. Naghavi remarked

She added:”We are due to meet with top officials of German Medical Association in their headquarters in Berlin.”



Mr. Kemper highly appreciated the hospitality of IRIMC President as well as the opportunity to have such warm and productive discussion and expressed his willingness to promote the mentioned projects.


The meeting was conducted in two languages: German and English.


IRIMC President was joined in the meeting by Professor Dr. Mehrabi, Mr. Khanbodaghi, the Honorary President of Iran-German Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Naghavi, IRIMC Director of International Affairs and Dr. Laripour, IRIMC Director of Public Affairs.



Dr. Shima Naghavi, Director of International Affairs